Building AndroWish
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Building and Running AndroWish

  1. Refresh the project settings using the android command from Android SDK: android update project
  2. Review to point to the directory where the Android SDK resides.
  3. Use ant to build AndroWish from scratch: ant debug. This includes building the C libraries using Android NDK. That step can be performed separately by running ndk-build in the jni directory or by invoking ant ndk-build
  4. The resulting Android APK is built to bin/AndroWish-debug.apk which can be installed onto a device or emulator using adb install -r bin/AndroWish-debug.apk.
  5. Start AndroWish on device or emulator using adb from the development system: adb shell am start tk.tcl.wish/.AndroWishLauncher.
  6. Clean the build tree with ant clean.