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STDIN can't be used to capture console input
User & Date: anonymous 2020-06-30 22:40:34

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    In *nix & windows, I can capture console input using:
    set input [gets stdin]
    I am trying to develop a script for use on ANDROIDWISH (to help a blind person use the bus system). However, ANDROIDWISH (and UnDroid) fail:
    set input [gets stdin] --> "" (immediate reply, no delay, empty string reply)
    The FCONFIGURE settings are as follows (I've modified them in all possible combinations but nothing helps):
    Windows laptop (using TCL 8.6.8):
    % fconfigure stdin
    -blocking 1 -buffering line -buffersize 4096 -encoding unicode -eofchar (0x1A) -translation auto
    Android 8.0 (live/smart device)
    fconfigure stdin
    -blocking 1 -buffering none -buffersize 4096 -encoding utf-8 -eofchar {} -translation lf
    fconfigure stdin
    -blocking 1 -buffering line -buffersize 4096 -encoding unicode -eofchar {} -translation lf
    The obvious differences are: (1) EOFCHAR, (2) BUFFERING, & (3) TRANSLATION. As I said before, I've altered the settings (one at a time, and all combinations) but nothing worked.
    I have SCOURED the Internet and found no setting or work-around for this. I *MUST* be able to accept keyboard input to the console window (to select a menu option, a number from 1 to 30).
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