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PuppyIcons 0.1

A Tcl/Tk package wrapping SVG items from the Puppy Icon Theme.


BSD for the code; the icons themselves are CC0.


package require Tk
package require tksvg


package require PuppyIcons
PuppyIcons names ?pattern?
PuppyIcons svg name
PuppyIcons image name ?size?
PuppyIcons image_nc name ?size?
PuppyIcons flush
PuppyIcons rebuild

Method names returns an alphabetically sorted list of icon names matching the given pattern, or all, if pattern is omitted.

Method svg returns the SVG string for the icon name.

Method image creates and returns a photo image for the icon name. The size option specifies the integer icon size. If it is negative, the size is in pixels, otherwise in points. The default value for size is 16 points. The photo image is kept in an image cache for later re-use.

Method image_nc is similar to method image except that no caching is performed, i.e. a newly created image is returned.

Method flush deletes all cached icon photo images.

Method rebuild recreates all cached icon photo images which have a size in points. This is useful when the tk scaling factor is changed at runtime.

A utility script named show.tcl demonstrates the usage of this package and displays all icons in a canvas widget.