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This is an experimental subproject in the source tree of AndroWish found in HelloTclTk. It uses slightly modified AndroWish and SDL Java activity classes to start up an Android activity which re-uses the shared libraries from an already installed AndroWish apk. This keeps the apk file rather small (few hundred kBytes compared to over 20 MBytes). Another benefit is a short turnaround during development since no native code has to be built and the resulting apk has only few files packaged.

Own experiments: your Tcl source code must be put under .../assets/app. The very first file which gets sourced at runtime must be named main.tcl as in the example. During app building the assets folder is packed into the app's apk file and at runtime mounted on startup of the AndroWish environment as /assets/assets, i.e. the absolute path name of the startup script is /assets/assets/app/main.tcl. You should use [file dirname [info script]] in your main.tcl to refer to other files in the same folder.

Things to adapt for your own app:

Starting with the "Back to the Future" (2015-10-21) release the preferred way of building an AndroWish based App is using the Software Development Kit described in AndroWish SDK.

Although this approach is able to spare megabytes of dependencies to be installed, it does not work on Android releases 6.0 and newer. Thus, don't use it anymore.