Batteries Included
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Batteries Included

Following table lists the extensions built into AndroWish and/or undroidwish including pointers to project pages and/or documentation. Most extension names in the left most column can be used as package name in package require. Column A shows availability in AndroWish, columns W/L in undroidwish (Windows and/or Linux). A minus sign indicates an extension which can't be provided for the respective platform for technical reasons.

Extension Name Version A W L Remarks, URL, etc.
ble1.0-- Bluetooth Low Energy support, part of AndroWish, see ble command
BLT2.4z 2D graph, bargraph, stripchart widgets, i.e. a subset of full BLT,
borg1.0-- Android integration, part of AndroWish, see Android facilities
BWidget1.9.10 Mega widget package,
Canvas3d1.2.4 High-level OpenGL widget,
dbif1.2-- DBus introspection interface,
dbus2.1-- DBus bindings for Tcl,
dde1.4-- Win32 Dynamic Data Exchange, part of the Tcl core
dmtx0.7.5 Data matrix decoder,, see dmtx command
Expect5.45.3- Automation for interactive programs,
fsdialog1.15 Schelte Bron's ttk file selection dialog,
gridplus2.11 Grid based layout system,
helpviewer3.0.2 Johann Oberdorfer's helpviewer using TkHTML3,
icons2.0 Icon sets,
Img1.4.6 Support for many image formats,
itcl4.0.5 Tcl object system,
itk4.0.2 Framework for mega widgets based on itcl,
iwidgets4.1 Object oriented mega widgets based on itk,
Memchan2.3 Memory channels,
muzic1.0-- MIDI sound package, part of AndroWish, see Muzic MIDI sound package
notebook2.2.0 Will Duquette's notebook app,
nsf2.1.0 New Scripting Framework,
pdf4tcl0.9.1 PDF document generation,
piio1.1-- Schelte Bron's RaspberryPi GPIO/TWI/SPI library,
ral0.11.8 Relational algebra,
ralutil0.11.8 Relational algebra,
reg1.3-- Win32 Registry, part of the Tcl core
rfcomm1.0- Support for Bluetooth serial port profile, part of AndroWish, see rfcomm command
snack2.2.10 Sound toolkit,
SOAP1.6.8 Tcl SOAP interface,
sqlite33.18.0 Embedded SQL database, http:/
tbcload1.7 Byte-code loader,
tcl8.6.6 Tcl core,
tcl-augeas0.3.0-- Tcl binding to augeas,
TclCurl7.22.0 Tcl interface to curl library,
tclepeg0.4 Tcl extension to the epeg thumbnailing library,
tcllib1.18 Tcl standard library,
TclMixer1.2.3 Tcl interface to SDL2_mixer (music and sound playback),
tcluvc0.1-- Tcl interface to UVC type cameras on Linux
tclwmf0.1-- Tcl interface to cameras using Windows Media Foundation, see wmf command
Tclx8.4.1 Extended Tcl,
tdbc1.0.4 Tcl database connectivity,
tdbc::mysql1.0.4 TDBC driver for MySQL,
tdbc::odbc1.0.4 TDBC driver for ODBC,
tdbc::postgres1.0.4 TDBC driver for PostgreSQL,
tdbc::sqlite31.0.4 TDBC driver for sqlite3,
tdom0.8 XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT implementation for Tcl,
tfirmata2.5? Tcl implementation of Arduino Firmata,
Thread2.8.1 Tcl thread extension,
tile-extrasvarious Misc. bag of Tk packages related to the Tile widget set,
Tix8.4.3 Alternate widget set,
tk8.6.6 Tk toolkit,
tkcon2.7 Tk console,
Tkhtml3.0 Tk HTML widget,
tklib0.6 Tk standard library,
tkpath0.3.3 Alternate canvas widget with SVG like capabilities,
tksqlite0.5.13 GUI frontend to sqlite3,
tksvg0.1 Read SVG to Tk photo images,
Tktable2.11 Tk table widget,
tktray1.3.9-- Manage system tray icons with Tk on X11,
tls1.6.7 Tcl interface to OpenSSL/LibreSSL,
treectrl2.4.1 Tk tree widget,
Trf2.1.4 Transformation procedure framework for Tcl channels,
trofs0.4.9 Tcl read-only filesystem,
TWAPI4.2 alpha-- Tcl Windows API extension,
udp1.0.11 UDP sockets,
ukaz2.0a3 Graph widget written in pure Tcl/Tk,
upnp0.2 Universal Plug and Play,
usbserial1.0-- Support for USB serial converters, part of AndroWish, see usbserial command
WiTS3.2.3-- Windows Inspection Tool Set,
v4l20.1-- Video For Linux Two interface, see v4l2 command
VecTcl0.3 Numerical math in Tcl,
VecTcLab Console for VecTcl derived from tkcon,
vfs1.4.2 Virtual file system in Tcl,
vnc0.4 VNC viewer widget,
vlerq4.1 Package for managing structured datasets in Tcl,
vu2.3 Various Tk widgets,
wibble0.4 Small web server,
WS2.4.0 Tcl interface to web services,
xml3.2 Tcl interface to XML,
XOTcl1.6.8 Extended Object Tcl,
zbar0.10 Barcode scanner,, see zbar command
zint2.5.2 Barcode generation,