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Native components of AndroWish

This directory holds the C/C++ components which are part of AndroWish.
It is built using the Android NDK. The build process is integrated
into the toplevel project but can be carried out manually by invoking
the "ndk-build" tool in this directory.

The file in this directory invokes all dependent
files below.

The file controls NDK regarding prebuilt stuff,
Android API level, and most importantly the CPUs for which 
everything is to be built, e.g. ARM and x86 CPUs.

As of 2017-10-18 the following NDK revisions are known to build
everything without errors (but a varying amount of warnings):

  NDK r9d (March 2014)
  NDK r10e (May 2016)
  NDK r12b (June 2016)
  NDK r13b (October 2016)

The shiny new clang/llvm based NDKs with unified headers still fail:

  NDK r14b (March 2017)
  NDK r15c (July 2017)

As of 2018-02-09 the tree should build with NDK r16b (December 2017)
but this depends somewhat on the development system (Windows may fail).

For later NDKs it may be necessary to change the APP_ABI macro in to have "armeabi-v7a" instead of "armeabi".