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README: tktray
	This is the tktray source distribution.
	Current (official) location for tktray is

Tktray is a binary extension for Tcl/Tk, and it requires Tcl/Tk
development headers in build time. Supported versions of Tcl/Tk (taken
as a whole) are 8.4.*, 8.5.*, 8.6.*.

Tktray shared library built against any one of these versions will
work on other versions from this set, both older and newer.


Tcl and Tk (both 8.4 or later) public headers and development
libraries are absolutely needed to build tktray. If it's possible to
build some other Tk 8.4+ extension on your system, tktray will
probably build as well.

For GNU/Linux distributions using RPM packages, look for tcl*devel*.rpm,
tk*devel*rpm; for Debian-based distributions using deb packages,
look for tcl8.*-dev*deb and tk8.*-dev*deb.

Any decent development packages for Tcl and Tk should contain
tclConfig.sh and tkConfig.sh respectively, located somewhere around
/usr/lib: either in /usr/lib directly or in /usr/lib/tcl8.x,
/usr/lib/tk8.x (the latter is the standard result of maintainers'
effort to allow several minor versions of Tcl and Tk to coexist).

For Debian system shipping with tcl/tk 8.4, the following commands
will do:

sudo aptitude install tk8.4-dev

(then, in tktray directory)
./configure --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.4 --with-tk=/usr/lib/tk8.4

(to test a fresh build; it's not strictly a test, but a small demo)
make test

(to install locally - don't do it, use checkinstall at least)
make install

In a couple of places tktray uses functions provided only in tk
PRIVATE headers, that may not be available (or may be incomplete) in
some distributions.  There is no such problem in debian, but someone
runned into it under Alt Linux.

For these distributions, ./configure script of tktray has a special
parameter, --with-mad-tk-packager. With this parameter, tktray is
configured not to use private headers at the cost of some runtime
overhead during icon creation and docking. Some pieces of code that
will be used when it's turned on are just plain ugly.


After the package is built and installed, it will be available for
scripts using tk 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6.

See manpage or html page (included in source archive) for usage

Current version of tktray was tested and proved to work with the
following system tray implementations:

* lxpanel-0.5.5 from LXDE project;
* gnome-panel 2.30 from Gnome project;
* stalonetray 0.8.0;
* trayer 1.0;
* docker 1.4.