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Combobox 2.3 release announcement
September 30, 2003

This is to announce version 2.3 of my pure Tcl combobox widget. This
version includes the following new features from version 2.2

* added -buttonbackground option
* added -listvar option
* tweaked packing order of internal widgets, which improves the
  resize behavior a bit (thanks to Oliver Bienert for the suggestion)
* exposed "subwidget" command (eg: .combobox subwidget entry)

Where to get it:

You can download combobox version 2.3 from the following URL:

Basic features:

* written in pure tcl; no megawidget or OO extensions required

* platform independent, and works for all versions of tk >= 8.0

* self-contained and portable; all the code is in one file

* API is similar to standard Tk widgets, with subcommands
  such as configure, cget, insert, etc.

* keyboard navigation

* emulates the look and feel of a Windows combobox 

* completely, totally, free. I retain copyright but you are 
  free to use the code however you see fit. Don't be mean.