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# Tcl autoload index file, version 2.0
# This file is generated by the "auto_mkindex" command
# and sourced to set up indexing information for one or
# more commands.  Typically each line is a command that
# sets an element in the auto_index array, where the
# element name is the name of a command and the value is
# a script that loads the command.

set auto_index(::vfs::template::mount) [list package require vfs::template 1.5.3]
set auto_index(::vfs::template::collate::mount) [list source [file join $dir collatevfs.tcl]]
set auto_index(::vfs::template::quota::mount) [list source [file join $dir quotavfs.tcl]]
set auto_index(::vfs::template::version::mount) [list source [file join $dir versionvfs.tcl]]
set auto_index(::vfs::template::version::delta::mount) [list source [file join $dir deltavfs.tcl]]
set auto_index(::vfs::template::chroot::mount) [list source [file join $dir chrootvfs.tcl]]
set auto_index(::vfs::template::fish::mount) [list source [file join $dir fishvfs.tcl]]