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package provide xotcl::test 1.38
package require XOTcl 1

namespace eval ::xotcl::test {
  namespace import ::xotcl::*

  @ @File {description {
    Simple regression test support.

  @ Class Test {
    description {
      Class Test is used to configure test instances, which can 
      be configured by the following parameters:
      <@li>cmd: the command to be executed</@li>
      <@li>expected: the expected result</@li>
      <@li>count: number of executions of cmd</@li>
      <@li>pre: a command to be executed at the begin of the test (before cmd)</@li>
      <@li>post: a command to be executed after the test (after all cmds)</@li>
      <@li>namespace in which pre, post and cmd are evaluated; default ::</@li>
      The defined tests can be executed by <@tt>Test run</@tt>

  Class Test -parameter {
    {name ""}
    {namespace ::}
    {verbose 0} 
    {expected 1} 
    {count 1000} 
    msg setResult errorReport
    pre post
  Test set count 0 
  Test proc new args {
    my instvar case ccount name
    if {[my exists case]} {
      if {![info exists ccount($case)]} {set ccount($case) 0}
      set name $case.[format %.3d [incr ccount($case)]]
    } else {
      set name t.[format %.3d [my incr count]]
    eval my create $name -name $name $args
  Test proc run {} {
    set startTime [clock clicks -milliseconds]
    foreach example [lsort [my allInstances]] {
      $example run
    puts stderr "Total Time: [expr {[clock clicks -milliseconds]-$startTime}] ms"
  Test proc _allInstances {C} {
    set set [$C info instances]
    foreach sc [$C info subclass] {
      eval lappend set [my _allInstances $sc]
    return $set
  Test proc allInstances {} {
    return [my _allInstances Test]

  Test instproc call {msg cmd} {
    if {[my verbose]} {puts stderr "$msg: $cmd"}
    namespace eval [my namespace] $cmd
  Test instproc run args {
    my instvar cmd expected pre post count msg
    if {[info exists pre]} {my call "pre" $pre}
    if {![info exists msg]} {set msg $cmd}
    set r [my call "run" $cmd]
    if {[my exists setResult]} {set r [eval [my set setResult]]}
    if {$r == $expected} {
      if {[info exists count]} {set c $count} {set c 1000}
      if {[my verbose]} {
	puts stderr "running test $c times"
      if {$c > 1} {
	#set r0 [time $cmd $c]
	#puts stderr "time {time $cmd $c}"
	set r1 [time {time {namespace eval [my namespace] $cmd} $c}]
	#regexp {^(-?[0-9]+) +} $r0 _ mS0
	regexp {^(-?[0-9]+) +} $r1 _ mS1
	set ms [expr {$mS1*1.0/$c}]
	puts stderr "[my name]:\t[format %6.1f $ms] mms, $msg"
      } else {
	puts stderr "[my name]: $msg ok"
    } else {
      puts stderr "[my name]:\tincorrect result for '$msg'"
      puts stderr "\texpected: '$expected', got '$r' [my exists errorReport]"
      if {[my exists errorReport]} {eval [my set errorReport]}
      exit -1
    if {[info exists post]} {my call "post" $post}
  proc case name {::xotcl::test::Test set case $name}
  namespace export Test

namespace import ::xotcl::test::*