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List of AndroWish Releases

Fossil Tag Date Remarks

Eppur si muove 2019-06-22 The first release of AndroWish in 2019 featuring Tcl/Tk 8.6.9, SQLite 3.28.0, SDL 2.0.6 with patches, and many other updated packages. Some new extensions are included: tkvlc, topcua, tclJBlend, and tcl-fuse. A webview for the major desktop platforms is contained as a preview. A new SDL video driver called "jsmpeg" is included in the undroidwish builds.

Asteroid Day 2018-06-30 Another low-impact release of AndroWish featuring Tcl/Tk 8.6.8, SQLite 3.24.0, SDL 2.0.6 with patches, and many other updated packages. Some new extensions are included: tclcan, modbus, snap7, and fswatch. Build support for multiple platforms is more stable. The Wayland variant now runs on CentOS 7.5, too, plus a frame buffer rendering mode based on Linux kernel mode setting with direct render mode is included.

The Leyden Jar 2017-10-11 The long overdue release of AndroWish in 2017 featuring Tcl/Tk 8.6.7, SQLite 3.20.1, SDL 2.0.5, Tkzinc 3.3.6 and many other updated packages. Other highlights are: basic NFC support in AndroWish, stereoscopic render modes both in the SDL based Tk and in the 3D canvas widget, build support for more platforms in undroidwish, e.g. FreeBSD, OpenIndiana, MacOSX, Haiku, plus support for Wayland.

Bonfire Night 2016-11-05 This is the 3rd anniversary edition of AndroWish featuring Tcl/Tk 8.6.6, SQLite 3.15.1, and tksvg. Many other packages are updated to newer versions, too. The undroidwish based builds now contain the same subset of BLT (barchart, graph widgets) as AndroWish. All builds contain a proposed TIP#302 implementation to be indifferent with respect to wall clock changes by making computation of durations based on a monotonic clock source if supported by the OS.

The Wow! Signal 2016-08-15 This is an update release featuring Tcl/Tk 8.6.6, SQLite 3.14.1, and LibreSSL 2.2.9. Many other packages are updated to newer versions, too. The undroidwish based builds now contain TWAPI/WiTS (Windows versions) and broader support for video capture (both, Windows and Linux).

El Caballero de la Triste Figura 2016-04-23 This an update release featuring Tcl/Tk 8.6.5 and SQLite 3.12.2. Some other packages are updated to newer versions, too (SDL 2.0.4 plus patches, tcllib, pdf4tcl). OpenSSL is replaced by LibreSSL 2.2.6 and TkHTML 3 is added. This release introduces undroidwish plus an AndroWish SDK based on undroidwish binaries.

Caractacus Potts 2015-12-18 This is mainly a bug fix and update release. Some packages are updated to newer versions (SQLite 3.9.2, gridplus 2.11, icons 2.0, libpng 1.2.54), the "ble" command and underlying infrastructure is more stable, the "borg" command is improved and allows now to turn Bluetooth on and off and to send SMS. The tkpath widget combined with pdf4tcl now can generate PDF documents from most supported item types including alpha blending and color gradients. The AndroWish SDK is improved and now able to run on all supported Tcl/Tk desktop platforms.

Back to the Future 2015-10-21 This release adds full Unicode 8.0 support including Emojis by using 32 bits for the internal representation of Unicode codepoints and up to 4 byte long UTF-8 sequences (potentially incompatible with Tcl versions on other platforms). An initial AndroWish SDK is provided which simplifies packaging of user defined trimmed down APKs (Android packages). The tclepeg package has been added to make JPEG files into thumbnails. Some other packages are updated to newer versions: SQLite 3.9.1, BWidget 1.9.9, and RAL 0.11.7.

Something wicked this way comes 2015-08-22 This release adds various new "borg" minor commands, e.g. to read images from the device camera(s) into Tk photo images, VecTcl 0.2, and interfaces to the ZBar and libdmtx barcode scanners. SQLite is updated to version Subpackages were updated to newer upstream versions, and many bugs were fixed.

The Blues Brothers 2015-06-16 This release adds a Muzic compatible MIDI sound package to AndroWish. SQLite is updated to version The tkpath widget and Bluetooth Low Energy module have been improved. Bugs in the Xlib emulation have been fixed. The "borg" command supports the new minor commands "trace" and "brightness".

Don Quixote 2015-04-23 This release adds support for Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth 4.0) and the tkpath widget to AndroWish. SQLite is updated to version 3.8.9. Many bugs in the Xlib emulation and in the ZIP virtual filesystem have been fixed. TrueType font rendering speed for Tk widgets is improved. The "borg" command supports the new minor commands "broadcast", "providerinfo", and "queryconsts".

Pi Day 2015-03-14 This is mainly a bug fix and update release. Many little annoying problems in the Xlib emulation and in AndroWish startup were fixed: transient window handling, mouse/touch coordinate translation, loading of supplemental Java classes for Bluetooth and USB, etc. Many packages are updated to newer versions: Tcl/Tk 8.6.4, SQLite, tls 1.6.4, TclWS 2.3.8, itcl 4.0.3, itk 4.0.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1l, curl 7.41.0, tdbc* 1.0.3, and thread 2.7.2. The "borg" command has some new minor commands "systemproperties" and "phoneinfo" plus phone related virtual events.

Groundhog Day 2015-02-02 This release adds expect 5.45.2 and support for joysticks/game controllers to AndroWish. Many packages are updated: SQLite including the ICU extension, nsf 2.0.0, tkimg 1.4.3, tls 1.6.4, trofs 0.4.8, and tklib to its latest upstream version. Some bugs in the X11 emulation are fixed: listbox selection, font metrics, dashed lines, various crashes. The built in ZIP file system is improved and fixes long standing issues with glob -directory.

Peter Pan 2014-12-29 This is mainly a bug fix release which improves stability of the 3d canvas widget, fixes "wm attributes -fullscreen" and on-screen keyboard handling, and adds proper support of the "sdltk screensaver" command. SQLite is updated to version, and the mentry and tablelist packages to their latest upstream versions. A separately packaged TkChat for Android is available which needs an installed AndroWish on the device.

All things are full of fools 2014-12-07 Stultorum plena sunt omnia (Marcus Tullius Cicero). Tcl and Tk are updated to version 8.6.3, SQLite to version The brand new feature: DRH's 3d canvas widget now runs on Android! It uses an OpenGL to OpenGLES 1.1 emulation layer and renders to an off-screen texture which later is copied into the framebuffer and displayed by SDL which on most modern tablets/smartphones uses OpenGLES 2 for this task. YMMV in terms of stability of the 3d canvas depending on the quality of the device vendor's OpenGLES implementation.

The Gunpowder Plot 2014-11-05 Remember, remember AndroWish's first anniversary. The root window now can be zoomed and panned with two and three fingers, respectively. SQLite is updated to and threading support is more stable.

The Flintstones 2014-09-30 Yabba dabba doo! The most prominent new feature is threading support in the X11 emulation layer allowing "package require Tk" from a Tcl thread. The tclral package is updated to version 0.11.2.

The Great Moon Hoax 2014-09-16 Lunar features: Tcl/Tk updated to version 8.6.2. Packages tclxml, snack, tclws, tclsoap, and vu widgets added. New virtual events and commands to deal with GPS/NMEA and tethering information. Drawing/rendering now performed in RGB888 instead of RGB565.

The Wizard of Oz 2014-08-17 Behind the curtain: SQLite updated to 3.8.6, OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1h, many icons now take the screen's pixel density into account, accelerometer and magnetic field sensors now report proper orientation data.

Alice In Wonderland 2014-07-28 Initial fossil import. Follow the white rabbit.